Fiduciary Services

    JT is able to provide Fiduciary Services as required by you on a special arrangement:

    • Nominee Company Secretary
    • Nominee Director
    • Nominee Shareholder
    • Nominee Manager

    We shall ensure High Degree of privacy and confidentiality:

    • Nominee Director will be responsible or will make any decisions whatsoever in the management of your company.
    • Nominee Director will only sign company accounts and annual returns prepared by the accountants of the company.
    • Beneficial owner will be fully responsible (legal, financial and others) for the running of the company.
    • Nominee Director will not be a signatory to the company bank account/s nor will run the company bank account/s on behalf of the company (Under a separate agreement we may provide this service to act as secondary signatory only, not the primary signatory).

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Price: $ 2400.00